Frohlich & Wolter Kerosene Lantern Nr. 520 with embossed dog on globe
FROWO Nr. 520 and my pup Jäger
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    J. Jones (Wednesday, 29 November 2017 16:58)

    Hello, In clearing out my Mothers garage after her passing, I found a Marswells #2 Cold Blast Lantern in pretty good shape. I am not a collector ... but seeing that you are I thought I would ask you its value. Thank you

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    Dan Nicholson (Wednesday, 08 November 2017 13:02)

    I have been indroduced to your web site by Cheri Rugh from Workshop Hero.
    I inherited a lantern that sat in my Dads barn and I assumed it is a railroad lantern. (may have been a barn lantern but we lived within a 100 yards of the Great Northern RR and about 300 yards from the Northern Pacfic RR.

    The patent on it says Jan 26, 1909. Adams and Westlake Co.. it is rust covered but in pretty decent shape.

    I have been trying to figure out how to soak it in one gallon of workshop hero and can't find the right container and It seems I am destined to spend more money on more fluid. I that your experience? Can I mix it with Citric Acid? Also the handle has a cover which is either leather or asbestos , will that withstand the fluid or need to be sealed? Any ideas?
    Also, I soak it twice, once bottom down and the once the top down, and metal is exposed twice what happens? ( I may be too cheap)