Kaestner & Toebelmann PANZER-STURMTROTZ' - "LA CUIRASSEE"  'The Lighthouse won't go out'


'The Lighthouse won't go out'


This lantern came to me with 3 coats of paint  and then covered it a heavy coat of thick lacquer.  I believe the previous owner was going for the 'antique' look.   It had been spray painted with the burner not aligned and was coated down inside the burner, which made this one of the more difficult lanterns to restore.


Underneath all of the paint was an amazing lantern that was in excellent condition.  There were no pinholes or leaks in the lantern.  The Lighthouse globe was matched up to this lantern due to an amazing amount of effort from another collector.  Thanks K.B.!


This particular "La Cuirassee" was built before 1913.  It can be dated because it has the aeration valve under the tank bottom. That valve is then connected to a tube which opens into the combustion chamber.

The wire guard (scissors guard) was patented in 1912.


CIRCA:  Before 1913

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    Mel (Monday, 12 June 2017 10:56)

    Hi Gary,
    The clear glass you see in the lantern when I bought it is most likely NOT original to the lantern. K & T used embossed globes in their lanterns when they were produced. It's possible it is a 'replacement' globe which was offered by K & T, but there is no way of knowing. If you look at the other K & T lanterns you will see some with a 'snorkel' on top and some with the air inlet on the bottom of the fuel tank. This is how you can 'date' the lantern you own.

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    Gerry Seymour (Monday, 12 June 2017 10:18)

    I just got a lantern that looks exactly like your first unrestored photo does this mean the glass shade is not origial? It has the heavy riveted double base rim and air tube but no valve inlet on the base .maybe one you have not got?