ASA 682-BundZB Kerosene Lantern

ASA 682-BundZB Kerosene Lantern


Aenne Sartorius Wuppertal - BUND ZB

Wuppertaler Laternen- & Metallwarenfabrik Aenne Sartorius GmbH & Co.



BUND ZB = Civil Defense (ZB = Zivilschutz Bund)


The ASA 682 is of the manufacturers AENNE SARTORIUS  Wuppertal with a unique design. The lantern has lateral lifting rods and a spring-loaded glass bottom floor. When folding and pressing the bail handle, the chimney top is pushed. The glass globe moves sideways, so that the burner can be ignited.


When the bail is moved back upwards again, the globe automatically goes back into its proper position.


The lantern was invented by Anton Gietmann.


 Circa 1949

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    Andy (Friday, 16 March 2018 07:02)


    BUND ZB does not mean Army but civil defense (ZB = Zivilschutz Bund)
    (Bund equals to federation).
    Lantern was used e.g. by the the German governmental disaster relief organization (Technisches Hilfswerk, THW).
    Best regards