FEUERHAND (FIREHAND) Nr. 260. First Export to the USA. Has embossed Red Feuerhand globe

FEUERHAND Nr. 260 with badge 'FIREHAND'


This lantern was found in Canada and came to me covered in silver paint. As in most cases with Feuerhand lanterns, underneath the paint was a solid lantern. The badge, which is embossed 'FIREHAND' does have some pitting.  The canopy on the chimney was in rough shape and it was difficult to straighten it.   This came with a clear Embossed Feuerhand globe.


*UPDATE: I was able to locate a very hard to find Red Feuerhand embossed globe for this FH 260. The red globe came from Sweden with the assistance of another fellow collector. A true find!


The first exported models of Feuerhand has this style badge and spelling. Note the photo in the gallery of the later version with the badge and the spelling 'FEUERHAND'.


The trademark 'Fire Hand' was registered in 1924, the trademark 'Feuerhand' in the banner in 1939.


CIRCA: Mid 1920's


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    Mel - Owner (Tuesday, 01 March 2022 18:43)

    Hello Scott,

    Thank you for the compliment with my lantern. Please see my link on the left in the navigation panel which answers most of your questions for restoration. If you want to chat directly, you must use the main contact form and then we can communicate.

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    Scott (Tuesday, 01 March 2022 18:19)

    That's a great lantern!
    I just purchased an old #260. It looked good, OK looks not too bad, in the photos & I hope to put it back into emergency backup service. How did you go about restoring the finish?
    Mine has rust dotted all over it. Can I use a navel jelly or rust remover?
    Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
    I thought about paining or powder coat but I's rather keep patina & minimize or lose it

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    Tony Hannig (Monday, 09 March 2020 04:25)

    Great piece! Absolutely rare and beuatiful!

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    Mel-Owner (Tuesday, 03 March 2020 07:42)

    Hello Al,

    I use Mr. Muscle Oven cleaner for almost all of my paint stripping on lanterns. Sometimes I do use Citri-Strip, but I find the Oven cleaner works the best. Feel free to use the main contact form and then we can chat about it in further detail.

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    Al Braun (Monday, 02 March 2020 19:36)

    I have a Nr. 260 Feuerhand Made in Germany with the badge Feuerhand made in Germany with the original clear globe, but the handle appears not to original. Mine is looks to be painted black, I was just wondering what you used to remove the silver paint, I would like to get back to the original look. Thanks Al Braun