SWISS R. TROST & CIE (Raimund Trost) - 'RECORD'



This lantern came from Sursee, Switzerland. Overall, it was in good condition with the usual surface rust. The burner was frozen in the insert and it took several days using PB Blaster to release it. This burner threads into the insert.


'RECORD' = Pronounced 'Rey-corde'.


Most interesting feature on this lantern is the lifter. From my research, I was able to find this information:


"The Producer was Raimund Trost, Cie and TROST & son from Künten in Argau. An extremely

active inventor who invented a few nice lifting devices. The lantern(s) also have a reasonable age, so between 1900 and 1920"


The mystery of the lantern is the caduceus symbol on the very bottom of the fuel fount. In America, it is a medical symbol, although not necessarily a universal medical symbol. Normally in Switzerland, the recognizable cross is used to signify medical. At this time, I've not been able to find out why this symbol was used on this lantern.


The red etched globe is also in extremely good condition with most of the etching still present.


CIRCA: 1900-1920


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    KB (Tuesday, 25 February 2020 09:49)

    hello, There is a clue though ! Apart from a wide variety of cheeses and watches Switzerland is mostly identified by its cross but their national hero is Wilhelm (William) Tell, a historical figure representing rebellion against oppression and the famous legend of the crossbow "apple shot". The logo on the lamp could represents the crossbow and a snake tail or Chimera tail as represented in a painting (Wikipedia William Tell). This could be an explanation but there is another hint. French tinsmith and lamp manufacturer Ballant and Dresco, before Veuve L. Dresco, uses the same symbol. If you are interested I can send you a scan from an invoice dated 1911.
    Kind regards from France