William Egloff & Cie Early Swiss Lantern from 1892




An exceptional Egloff & Cie model from 1892. Interesting to note that this lantern was a  cooperation between W. Egloff & Cie and the company Kaufmann & Cie in Giessen, Germany.


Hard to describe all the details and workmanship on this lantern.  The beautiful restoration was done by Dan Bjorn-Landschoof of Germany. There was quite a bit of intensive restoration work that needed to be done in order to bring it to the state that you see now.


"This lantern is a high quality product. The rivets from the air screen are made from copper and are soldered,too. The O-Eye brackets for the globe lifter handle are made from copper and are soldered, too. The small brass ring on the globe holder spring is really a ring and not just a bent around piece. That is very difficult to do, but they did.The brass bracket, that holds the globe base sieve is riveted with a copper rivet and soldered, too."  * D.B. Landschoof


This lantern has a stunning burner and burner cone plus the brass 'snout' and fuel cap. The globe may be original to lantern and has suffered many chips on the upper and lower rim. This is a typical Swiss shaped globe.  Embossed on the front of the fuel tank is the logo of W. Egloff & Cie.  The glass globe lifter was patented in 1892 by Wilhelm Egloff.


Deeply appreciate all the restoration work you did Dan!


CIRCA: 1892


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