CIE & TROST * RAIMUND TROST  from Künten ( Aargau, Schweiz)

R. TROST & CIE * RAIMUND TROST from Künten ( Aargau, Schweiz)


This lantern is an exceptional find from Saint Dié Des Vosges, France. What is unique about this lantern is the lift system.  The lifting mechanism is marked with 'Patent Brevet No. 19858'.  That was patented by Cie & Trost on August, 1900.




There is also the letter 'C' on the lift which I'm guessing is for 'Cie' or it could indicate a part number or year.


The Brass burner is beautiful and in almost perfect condition. On the Thumb Wheel (wick driver) is the logo of Cie & Trost which is the Swiss Cross.


The globe is lined with multiple 'turn' marks from being hand blown and is etched with the swiss cross and the words:

Modèle Déposé = Registered Design/Patent pending



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CIRCA: 1900 - 1920's

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    Mel - Owner (Friday, 27 August 2021 10:21)

    Thank you for the updated information Daniel. Would you please use the main contact form so that we can chat further via email?

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    Daniel J (Friday, 27 August 2021 04:29)

    Trost & Cie was renamed Birchmeier & Cie in 1907. Birchmeier was accountant and silent partner of Trost for many years before. Birchmeier did not produce lanterns anymore, but the company was (and still is) successful in producing vine sprayer.