This lantern was made by "O. Brüne & Co. GmbH from Neheim-Hüsten. The Brüne & Co. GmbH was a metal fabrication company. The lantern was registered as a utility patent in 1949. The Brüne company built this lantern and two other models: *

Platania No. 1001
Platania No. 1003


The globe is clear with a flying Petrel in raised relief.  On the fount it is embossed STURMVOGEL and then a Petrel with a lantern in its beak. The globe guard - cage - was in extremely bad condition.  It has been repainted with RAL 7009, Green Gray, which matched fairly close to the paint that was on the lantern. 


The three slash marks and the number 7, on the right side of the fuel cap,  indicate the size of the wick which is approximately 15mm.  On the fount is the caption 'NR. 1002' and then D.R.G.M. (DEUTSCHES REICHS-GEBRAUCHSMUSTER)


*Source: J. Wekenmann  - Thank you for the additional information and two images (line drawing of lantern and catalog image).


CIRCA: 1949


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