FEUERHAND Nr. 405


The Nr. 405 has an approximate burn time of almost 18 hours even though it is small in size.  It is the 'little sister' to the Feuerhand Nr. 305.


The Feuerhand Nr. 252 and the Feuerhand Nr. 405 both take the same size globe.


I currently have the Green, Blue, Red and Clear globes for this lantern.  The Red globe resides

in the Feuerhand Nr. 252 on my site.


This lantern was 99% restored when it came to me, but there were remaining rust spots underneath the clear coat that was applied. See photo above.  It was then soaked for 3 days in Metal Rescue.  Then, the remaining clear coat was buffed off and then the lantern was brought back to its original finish with "Metal Magic" polish. All of the remaining rust is now removed.


Circa 1927 - 1942

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    Herr Brock von Mammut (Monday, 07 November 2016 10:01)

    I love the green globe. I am green with envy!