Feuerhand Nr. 999 - Melchers & Co. Bremen



The Melchers Nr. 999 lantern was introduced in 1925 as an export to China only.  Melchers & Co., Bremen were the exporters of this lantern.  The company is still in business as of today.


This lantern is a copy of the Feuerhand Nr. 257 and have the identical globe lifting system.  See photo above.  On the globe lifting plate is half of the remaining glass reflector.  On a side note, the Feuerhand Nr. 257 is a copy of the Dietz Monarch lantern. 


The badge (name holder tag) is in very delicate condition.  It was most likely made from copper and only a little bit of the copper color remains on the back of the badge.  This lantern, at that time,  was delivered in a beautiful and highly detailed paper bag.  See photos above.


The embossed globe is an interesting design.  It is hard to see, but on the 'wings' behind the man's head are the letters 'M & Co.'.  The male figure appears to be an elderly Chinese man (monk?). 


Circa: 1925+



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    Andy (Thursday, 24 January 2019 05:00)

    Oh oh ... I see rust on the blaker !

    Pictures are so honest. - Smile -