Feuerhand Atom 75 Globes in Frosted, Blue, Green, Red, Black* and clear. The two "Bat" brand globes fit the Atom 75 and the Bat Nr. 155.


*The Black out globe is mounted in the Atom 75 above.


*The Luftschutz Black Out globe was made for the Feuerhand Nr. 201.  When held at the right angle and light, you can see the blue.


*The Green, Blue, Red and Clear Globes, all in a row,  above fit the Feuerhand Nr. 405 and Nr. 252.

The Blue globe is marked 'NR. 252' on the back.


*Red Feuerhand Nr. 260/280 cold blast globe


*Blue Feuerhand Nr. 225 Medium globe


*Black Feuerhand globe. 


*Feuerhand LARGE LOGO - This was made prior to the Nier Trademarking the Feuerhand Logo.  Circa 1918-1919.


*Feuerhand Nr. 323 Red pear shaped globe


*Feuerhand Nr. 201 Blue Cobalt globe

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    Trak (Monday, 26 September 2016 14:11)

    Nice atom globes! Only two missing. I have the dark red one but still in search of the amber one.