FEUERHAND 'D R PATENT' 1924 precursor to the Feuerhand Nr. 201*Big Logo Feuerhand Globe

D R Patent model - Type Nr. 201 with  'Big Logo' Globe


This lantern was purchased in the UK.  The lantern had 2 heavy coats of old paint on it; Black and then underneath the black was purple. It was stripped of the old paint and repainted again.


The original burner has a broken burner (currently being repaired).  I have placed a Feuerhand Nr. 201 Burner in this lantern as it fits perfectly.  This lantern is identical to the Nr. 201.


This particular model was the last model of D R Patent made before it then became the Feuerhand Nr. 201.  This is indicated by the burner it has.  There are 4 known different types of D R Patent models.


The globe that came originally with the lantern is the globe that is from approximately 1929.  It now has a older globe which is dated from approximately 1926.  Notice the difference in the wreath around the Logo.


Overall condition of the lantern underneath the paint was excellent.


Circa: Approximately 1924- 1926

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