Camerco Red Embossed Globe. Carl Meyer & Co.



This beautiful globe came to me from Australia. Thank you so much Anita Woodward for your act of kindness. The globe is heavily embossed with Carl Meyer's logo. On the back it is embossed 'BEST FIREPROOF'.


*This information is from L. Jürgens who is a incredibly knowledgeable about Carl Meyer & co.


"The Camerco-Logo shows parts of an historical oil lamp. Wings of an eagle and the head of a lion. It is extremely difficult to interpret all this correctly. The eagle should stand for Germany or the former Prussia. The lion may stand for strength and power, but it may also be a symbol for the name 'Lion'."


The size of the globe is identical to the size of a Feuerhand Nr. 201 globe.


Company Camerco / wiman

Camerco = Carl Meijer & Co (Hamburg)

Wiman = Wilhelm Neumann (Hamburg) they dealt with petroleum lamps and accessories


 Circa: 1920-30's (?)

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