BAT FLEDERMAUS ORKAN Nr. 777 with Bicycle Lamp Bracket - fahrradlampe halterung

BAT (Stübgen) FLEDERMAUS 'ORKAN' Nr. 777


This Orkan has a Bicycle Lamp bracket on it which is not seen too often and makes this Orkan a bit

more special.


The lantern was in very good condition except for the fact that the burner was 100% seized (frozen) in the insert.  I soaked this lantern for almost 4 weeks in PB Blaster/Kroil/AT oil & Acetone with no results.  I also used a mini-torch for the 'heat up and cool down' process.  I was finally able to free up the burner by freezing it and then submerged it in hot water.  This whole process did take a bit of a toll on the insert fuel fount area. The constant nudging of a flat head screw driver left several smalls dents even though great care was taken.


There are three sizes of the Orkan Lantern and two different versions dependent on if Stübgen made the lantern or it was made later on by HASAG when HASAG took over Stübgen.

HASAG Orkan 222 = BAT Orkan 666
HASAG Orkan 333 = BAT Orkan 777
HASAG Orkan 444 = BAT Orkan 888


The globe is original and marked Orkan on one side and the other side is etched with the Resistant Logo.




CIRCA: 1935

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    Dave armstrong (Saturday, 05 October 2019 21:03)

    My e mail address is thx

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    Dave armstrong (Saturday, 05 October 2019 21:01)

    I found one has globe marked with orkin and 888 on the base I'd like some info on this lil guy if you will!

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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 21 August 2019 17:02)

    Hi Lloyd,

    It would have value but what that might be is dependent on the condition of your nr. 888. You can use the main contact form and then I'll respond so that you can send some photos of what you have.

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    lloyd camire (Wednesday, 21 August 2019 16:23)

    i have one thats rusty with no glass and its a no 888 is it worth fixing?