*This has the storm cap = STK


All original parts.  The original black paint was in poor condition due to the amount of rust underneath the paint.  It has now been brought back to what it would have looked like the day it was made minus the  German Black paint.  It was delivered to the customers painted black.  This lantern was in such fine condition once the rust and paint was removed , that I decided to leave this lantern 'naked'. 


This lantern is fully functional and would have been mounted on the rear of a bike.


In the gallery photos above, you can view the front Fahrradlampe (Feuerhand 175F) and the rear lantern (Feuerhand Nr. 75FS)


Circa: 1939 - 1940



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    Mel-Owner (Monday, 08 April 2019 08:10)

    I would need to see a photo of your lantern in order to try to help you. Please use
    the main contact form and I can respond to you that way. This form does not
    'capture' your email for responses.

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    oji (Sunday, 07 April 2019 23:25)

    Hello, please tell me. I have an atom75 for rear lights. The lantern has a part (plate-like part) to attach to a bicycle and I want to remove it. What should I do now?