This very rare and unusual hand blown glass globe was mounted in an early Stübgen Bat Model Nr. 2833 (1900-05) Kerosene lantern. 




On the front of the globe, it is embossed with Albert Riegermann's logo - the crossed torches and near the top of the globe 'SIGNAL'.  On the back of the globe it is embossed 'REGISTERED'. There are 5 'bubbles' of beautiful glass all around the globe.  Mounted in the front is a brass 'port hole' construction with a red lens. The brass was extremely oxidized and looked almost like black paint.


The hinge on the side is broken and so is the release tab on the opposite side. There is one small chip in the red lens.  The globe is very heavy compared to my other Hot Blast globes.


I did remove the brass holder and lens in order to re-align correctly the hinge. All the old putty was removed as best as possible.  A new replacement hinge will need to be made in order for this to open and close correctly.  UPDATE 02/16/2019: I was able to make one part of the hinge which joined with the original hinge. It now open and closes correctly.


What is unusual also about this globe is that Albert Riegermann was only known for his burners he made.  At this time, it is unknown what lantern this would have gone into and for what purpose (auto/train/boat/utility?)  I have found documents supporting the fact that Albert Riegermann had a major glass factory in Haltern/Westphalia, Germany in 1872.  This would lead me to believe that, indeed, Albert Riegermann made this glass globe as he was a glass maker. Much more research needs to be done to verify all theories.


CIRCA: Unknown, but most likely late 1800's - early 1900's.

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    Mel - Owner (Sunday, 07 March 2021 15:05)

    Dear Tobias,

    Excellent confirmation of what I had researched and thought. There were so many skeptics who did not believe that this was a possibility. Can you use the main contact form so that I can email you directly?

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    Tobias (Sunday, 07 March 2021 14:50)

    Dear Mel, Albert had a lantern factory in Elberfeld and a glass factory in Haltern. The latter company was owned by him until 1899. He died the same year. It is not known when he bought the factory in Haltern, possibly some years after its foundation in 1872. Regards, Tobias

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    Mel-Owner (Saturday, 19 October 2019 08:16)


    Can you please use the main contact form to contact me? Then I will have your email so we can chat. I have many questions for you regarding your Great Grandfather, Albert.

    Hope to hear from you!


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    great-granddaughter (Saturday, 19 October 2019 07:38)


    as i am the great granddaughter of Albert Riegermann, i can tell you that before WW1 globes and headlights were made for cars and also were sold to America, most likely to Henry Ford. If there were made globes for boats is unknown, but unlikely. The glass factory in Haltern existed.

    Regards from Germany