VIRGO Nr. 337 by Eduard Sommerfeld of Berlin. Export version of the K & T "Lloyd" Kerosene lantern

VIRGO Nr. 337 by Eduard Sommerfeld of Berlin.


Eduard Sommerfeld of Berlin was known for his Aluminum Factory where he manufactured Canteens and spoons and other aluminum products. He is also well known as the exporter and wholesaler of the Virgo Kerosene Lanterns.


The badge has the Heart Logo and the letters 'Q' and 'L' which stands for 'Quincaillerie Lafosse'.  I believe that was the name of the Hardware store. There is a connection between the Virgo Nr. 337 with the heart and the Coeur Lantern (Feuerhand Nr. 251).  The connection between the Virgo and Coeur Lanterns is still unclear and unknown.


Click here to see the Coeur that is in my collection.



This lantern is extraordinary and I believe not seen before for over a 110 years (other than in a catalog). The following information is from Jörg Wekenmann:


"The Virgo corresponds No 337 almost entirely from Kästner & Töbelmann Lloyd. It can be assumed that  that it is an export version of the Lloyd. The Virgo No 337 was distributed by Eduard Sommerfeld, Berlin. This company was a wholesaler and exporter of lanterns. At that time it was quite common to export the lanterns under other names. animals. The big lantern manufacturers such as Frowo, Nier and Stübgen seduced as well. The Lloyd was built from before 1910 to the mid-1920s. Interestingly, the Lloyd was available as both mixed air and - as a cold air lantern."


"At the end of the 1920s, Sommerfeld sold his last patents to the company Ms. Stübgen, Erfurt, who then placed these lanterns under theirs Names continued to manufacture and sell. First patent by Eduard Sommerfeld in 1882, his last in 1921.
First registration of a figurative mark: 1896. Last registration for a figurative mark: 1925"


What is missing is the globe cage guard. It was also missing the pull ring and the bail. With the talents Mike Lawliss, he re-produced those two missing parts for me.  The globe may or may not be the original although it is very old with multiple 'turn' marks in the glass.


CIRCA: 1910-1920






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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 02 November 2022 10:33)

    Ja, es gibt eine Verbindung, wie ich in der Beschreibung angegeben habe. Vielen Dank für Ihre Kommentare!

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    wenn ich mir die Markung auf dem Kamin anschaue und dann den Reflektor mit dem roten Glas bei dem letzten Bild der Coeur-Sammlung...erkennt man genau das gleiche Logo.
    Somit sollte eine Verbindung erkennbar sein...