Feuerhand Nr. 275 1930's Copper - Kupfer plated Pre-war Kerosene lantern

FEUERHAND Nr. 275 - Copper Bronzed


This was a very special find in Michigan of all places. The seller's grandson states that this lantern belonged to his very elderly German Grandmother who was quite well off and has had this lantern for as long as she can remember.


With the help of Dr. phil. Detlef Bunk who Authored an extensive research document titled

"Nier-Feuerhand Sturmlaternen: 100 Jahre industriegeschichtlicher Abriss" , Dr. Bunk was able to supply more information regarding this lantern:


"Your lantern is a regular dip-tinned export model from the 1935's which was later coated - better spray  painted - with a transparent copper tinted lacquer -  I concluded from your  macro photos. The photo of the bail ears show the typical flake off of a lacquer coating." *

* Source: Dr. phil. Detlef Bunk
Dipl.Psych., PP, KJP
Deutschland / Germany

Also from Dr. Bunk: " Please note the difference between different coating production techniques:"


Bronzed: mixed or blown metal powder on a wet lacquer coating (used on the ready product)

Plated: roll or press a thin sheet of precious metals on a base metal (used for production materials)

Galvanized: electric coating in an electrolytic bath (use on the ready product)


This is all original including the globe. It is marked glass 'Design Nr. 55998'. This was registered in the years 1932-36. The bottom of the lantern is in excellent condition and shows the appropriate construction for a pre-war/war lantern. The globe lifter is on the right of the fuel cap also.


The top of the chimney is marked 'FEUERHAND' (twice) and 'NIER' on the sides. Most of the copper has survived except in the areas of high heat. Copper inhibits rust and this lantern was essentially rust free. It has only been lightly cleaned and waxed. The copper coating is very delicate and so care was taken to not remove it.


CIRCA: 1935-36


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