Feuerhand Nr. 276 Eternity 'SKIPPER' kerosene lantern Limited Edition for a Segelboot company .

Feuerhand Nr. 276 Eternity Model - 'SKIPPER'


Very special Limited Edition Embossed Feuerhand Lantern. With the help of a contact at Feuerhand in Germany, this information was shared with me regarding this lantern.  I had believed that it was produced for a Boat Company in Germany, but could not document that theory until today (11/14/2019).


".....the FH 276 "SKIPPER" was a special edition embossed with the name of our cooperation partner - you already guessed it right on your website database - "SKIPPER Bootshandel - Magazin für Motor- und Segelboote" (engl. SKIPPER boat traders - magazine for motorboats and sailing ships". People weren`t able to buy the special edition. The lantern was a bonus gift exclusively for new magazine subscribers. There have been two announcements: December 2016 and June 2017, each time with 68 lanterns. So only 136 does exist in total."


I have burned this lantern many times and am always so impressed by the continual quality of Feuerhand Lanterns. This is one solid lantern by Feuerhand.


Click Here for the link to the company Skipper Bootshandel on Facebook.


Click here to visit the company directly in Germany.


CIRCA: 2016/17





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