This lantern came from Wolfshal, Austria and was in excellent condition. It has most of its original tin which was well preserved underneath the red paint.  The Orkan Nr. 222 is the same as the Bat Fledermaus Nr. 666.


It has the original Orkan globe which is etched on both sides. One side is 'ORKAN' and the other is the 'Indifferent' logo which was a trademark from Gebrüber Putzler who was a supplier for Stübgen, Frowo and Hasag.


My other Orkan is the Bat Fledermaus Orkan Nr. 777 which has the rare bicyclist clamp on it.  You an see it here.



The Orkan series was an independent development of Hasag AG. The company Stübgen was no longer involved. There are two types of the ORKAN: the 'Bat Orkan' and the 'Hasag Orkan' which were being manufactured parallel to one another. One side was the market which Hasag was targeting and marketing. The other was the previous older sales markets where Stübgen was previously dominant and active.

The company Stübgen made for the Hasag from 1935 different lantern models. In the second half
 in the year 1936 Stübgen sold its lamp division including all brand rights and Patents to the Hasag. From May 1937 Hasag produced their own lanterns.

The number sequence was:

Bat Hurricane 666, 777, 888

Hasag Orkan 222, 333, 444

The hurricane lanterns were available as a bicycle, wagon, Kumt-, as well as march-securing lantern to buy. In the summer of 1939, the manufacture of storm lanterns ended at the Hasag and concentrated totally on weapon production. *Source Jörg Wekenmann.


CIRCA: 1937 - 1939





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    Brock Shields (Thursday, 10 October 2019 19:55)

    The rarest of the rare Orkans. The 222 turned out so well. A feather in your cap, Melanie.