BAT L'ABEILLE Nr. 76 - Export to France

BAT L'ABEILLE Nr. 76 - Export to France


The Bat 158, which this lantern is, was manufactured from 1950 until 1989 by the VEB STURMLATERNE WORK - Beierfeld.   This particular lantern is circa 1960's. 


L'Abeille means "BEE"


The globe is etched an portrays the Bat (Fledermaus) holding a lantern in its' mouth.

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    Herr Mammut von Laternenmann (Thursday, 01 December 2016 11:44)

    I've missed looking at this one somehow! It is BEEautiful ! ! !
    Mel'ABEILLE, you have such grat luck in finding the rare and unique.
    Thank you for sharing........

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    Herr Mammut (Saturday, 10 September 2016 19:40)

    Beautiful! I've never seen a 158 with the bee on the font. Great bat & lantern logo on the globe. It's a shame that it's fragile paint and not acid etched frost.