This is a very hard to find Feuerhand model Nr. 277.  The lantern arrived to me with an Adlake Railroad Globe in it. At one point, the lantern had been painted Black and was difficult to get the black paint out of the pitted areas of the lantern. Some of the paint still remains in the pitting.  This particular lantern was restored by me, but will be in the private collection of another fellow collector in Germany. He was gracious enough to let me showcase this lantern on my website before it heads back over the ocean.


The Feuerhand Nr. 277 is actually part of the 'Baby Series'.  The correct globe would be a Jenaer Schott glass globe.  The embossed clear Feuerhand globe is from my FH 270 which was mounted for reference only.


The burner cone on the Nr. 277 is larger than the Nr. 270 even though the lanterns are almost identical in size.  The Feuerhand Nr. 270 is the Pre-Model of the later Baby-Series: Nr. 277.  See photo of both models for comparison in the photo gallery.


CIRCA: 1938 - 39



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