Feuerhand Nr. 176 - RT 163 for D.R.P. a Schlusslicht (Truck Tail light)

FEUERHAND Nr. 176 - RT163 for D.R.P.a Schlusslicht


D.R.P.a = Deutsches Reichspatent angemeldet

Truck Taillight


The 'RT' stands for the Physikalisch Technische Reichsanstalt in Berlin.  This institute was the forerunner of the Lichttechnisches Institute in Karlsruhe after the war.  Two lanterns are in the series and they would be marked RT 62 and RT 63.


RT 62 = Red Glass

RT 63 = Clear Glass


This lantern came from the Czech republic.  It was in fairly rough shape and heavily pitted from age and use.  The glass globe is etched with the mark Feuerhand 175.


Circa: 1940's

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