(Kerosene Heater)


This is an extremely rare and incredible Kerosene heater made by Kaestner & Toebelmann of Erfurt. I found this heater in  Macerata, Italy and in very bad condition. With the enormous help and knowledge from a very close friend and colleague in Germany (D.B. Landschoof), the fuel tank was repaired from the inside out. This was no easy task and required skills by a true craftsman.  Thank you so much Dan!


The nickel plating was all gone; the remaining enamel was not in very good condition and overall very rusted underneath the enamel.  This would be a financial investment in this heater, but well worth saving giving how rare it is.  K&T produced 'Blue Lloyd' Lamps also. I've not been able to determine why it is called the 'Blue Lloyd'. 


The beautiful Porcelain enamel refinishing was preformed by Jeff Gaylord at INDEPENDENCE PORCELAIN ENAMEL in Missouri. Jeff matched perfectly the original color of the Blue Lloyd and the work is exceptional.  I highly recommend IPE for any of your Porcelain refinishing that you might need. No one does better work in my book.


The nickel plating was done by a local company in Portland: Micron Metal Finishing, Inc.

This was a very difficult job due to the heavy pitting on the metal. The fellows at Micron surpassed my expectations with the final result. A truly exception group of guys who worked so diligently on this project for me.


This heaters take a P&A 2-5/8" wide special thick wick. I was fortunate enough to obtain copies of the catalog showing how to install this wick. This is a very different system than what I am familiar with in operating the American brand 'Perfection Heaters'.  Click here to see my other website on Perfection Heaters: https://perfectionheaters.jimdo.com/


There was no mica glass present. I found a blue heat resistant piece of glass for the viewing window, but you could not see the flame at all. I did replace the blue glass with the New Old Stock piece of Mica. Now you can see why this K & T heater was called the Blue Lloyd as it throws a very hot blue flame. Just wonderful technology that still works.




CIRCA: 1910 - 1920 (?)




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