Haller "Origineel" kerosene stoves were originally made by Georg Haller Co of Ottensen (Hamburg), Germany. Haller stoves date from circa 1900, but some variations (clones) were made in the former East Germany and are marked DRG. Production apparently ceased by 1975.


Haller stoves are of enameled steel construction.


This Haller stove came from the Netherlands and is in exceptional condition. This is the 3 burner model but you more commonly see the single burner model.  All of the models take the same size wick.


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    Mel - Owner (Saturday, 10 February 2024 07:30)

    Hello Nahid,

    This stove has been sold.


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    Nahid Bokaee (Friday, 09 February 2024 19:10)

    is this still available?

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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 24 May 2023 12:14)


    If you are interested in purchasing this stove, use the main contact form to contact me directly.

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    JAMEEL MAKI (Wednesday, 24 May 2023 12:01)

    I am interested in in this stove.
    Please let me know how I can buy it.

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    Mel-Owner (Friday, 28 October 2022)

    Ja. Bitte benutzen Sie das Kontaktformular, um mir eine E-Mail zu schicken und wir können darüber sprechen.

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    Salah Aldoury (Friday, 28 October 2022 18:33)

    Hallo, ist es bitte noch zu haben?

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    Maher Madhat (Saturday, 13 August 2022 21:32)

    Hi, is this burner listed on Etsy or eBay? Thank you
    Please reply to : bilbiltar@yahoo.Com

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    Maher Madhat (Wednesday, 01 June 2022 13:47)

    My mommy used to prepare tea using this kind of burner in 1960’s. Where can I have my hands on one? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Here is my e mail address: BilBilTar@Yahoo.Com

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    Osim (Wednesday, 16 March 2022 11:04)

    I am interested to buy one of them please email me. alsrahan222@gmail.com

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    Mel - Owner (Monday, 04 January 2021 18:04)

    Hallo, bitte benutzen Sie das Hauptkontaktformular und dann können wir bei Interesse den Preis besprechen.

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    Shaza Hassan (Monday, 04 January 2021 16:37)

    Guten Abend. Was kostet den "Origineel" kerosene bitte

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    Mina (Wednesday, 30 September 2020 15:40)

    Hi, Is this haller stove available? My email is m_gh1962@yahoo.com

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    mel@thelovelandgroup.com (Wednesday, 15 January 2020 13:57)

    Hi Leanne,

    If you could use the main contact form then we could chat about this Haller Stove.


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    leanne adamson (Wednesday, 15 January 2020 13:50)

    I was wanting to know if this paraffin stove is still available and the asking price thank you, Leanne

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    grechjoe @hotmail.com (Monday, 23 December 2019 10:15)

    Dear sir i am interested in buying different colours of the one stove single burner model
    in very good condition.

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    Abbas (Monday, 16 December 2019 12:03)

    How much this please