BAT Nr. 400 - Redline Kerosene lantern

Made by FROWO while working together with HASAG.



This Bat lantern flew in all the way from Canada. A big shout out of thanks to Drew for helping me add this incredible lantern to my collection.  As with the big Bat Nr. 450, I call this a 'transitional' lantern as it was made by Frowo for Hasag after Hasag bought the lantern production from Fr. Stübgen.  This was during a very short period of time; roughly one to two year; 1935 - 1937.


During this same time frame, HASAG built the FROWO 45 for Frowo and FROWO built the big lanterns for Hasag (the Bat nr. 400 and nr. 450)Thank you Hans-Werner for this information.


The globe is embossed with the Bat, yet is hard to see as the embossing as it is not very strong on this particular globe. As the oak molds began to wear out from repetitive use, the embossing will not be as deep in the glass.


*The burner, unfortunately, is broken and needs repair.  The 3 little wick wheels have become separated from the main rod and will not feed up the wick.  No doubt this happened when the previous owner forced the wick driver to turn.  NOTICE THE FROWO LOGO ON THE THUMB DRIVER.


I was unable to save the original red paint on the burner cone nor the fuel cap. The red paint was matched and repainted again.


I have put the Bat Nr. 400 next to the Bat Nr. 450 for comparison.  Both of these lanterns are huge and the globe is the same size as what would fit into a Feuerhand Nr. 260/280.  See photos above for comparison.


CIRCA: 1935 - 1937


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    Melanie Loveland (Friday, 12 January 2024 07:44)

    Hello Rick,

    I do not have the globe you are looking for. You would need to hunt one German Ebay for that one.

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    Rick Davis (Thursday, 11 January 2024 13:52)

    Any chance you have a red glass for a Bat 400 or know where I could get one?

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    Cunda antique (Tuesday, 27 July 2021 12:54)

    Hi made
    Can I take information year of production about Bat 155. Thanks / Best Regards

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    Mel Loveland (Sunday, 06 December 2020 07:49)

    Hello Ron,

    There is not a lot of information on the Bat 300 Lantern. Feel free to use the main contact form and then we can communicate that way plus you'll be able to send photos.

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    Ron (Saturday, 05 December 2020 18:21)

    I have a Bat Brand 300 Red line . It has 300 on both the globe and base. Could you please help me with more information on this ?

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    Gary Smaglinski (Wednesday, 28 October 2020 12:20)

    just bought the same lantern at a Auction,have collected a few beacons