“The word mark 'Handfest 1912' was registered as a trademark in 1914 in the imperial Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. However, it was already used in 1912 by the Berlin company the Berlin company G.A. Kirchner, which was a lamp and lacquerware factory. The Kirchner company seems to have been a good customer of the Hermann Nier company.


 From 1912/13 on, glass with etched markings can be traced as your glass has one. glass has one. The company G.A. Kirchner existed at least until the end of the 1920s. From this I have a business letter from this year in which they still traded with lanterns. I have the DRWZ of the company Kirchner, as well as a business letter of the same company from this year. letter of the same company from the year 1919 which is decorated with a Nier lantern, which of course has a glass with Handfest logo."






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