'BONJOUR' by Valentini & Bonjour (Valentini & Genin) Lyons, France

'BONJOUR' by Valentini & Bonjour (Valentini & Genin) Lyons, France


This lantern originally came with a clear globe.  It now has the correct embossed globe.  The embossing reads:  'V.G. LYONS'.  This is a beautiful globe with a multitude of bubbles and imperfections.


Note the copper 'lifts' on the side air tubes.  These latches lift up for "spider" clean out. There is also a cap on the very top of the lantern that unscrews for this purpose. The globe lifter is a Kurbel (crank) The copper latches on the air tube are embossed with the following text:


'Nouvelle Lanterne'


'B.t.e. S.D.G.D.'

This translates to 'New Lantern' 'Hello'


Circa 1900-1915


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