DITMAR Nr. 805 - 'Mushroom Top'

DITMAR Nr. 805


This lantern is an all original Austrian made Kerosene lantern. The globe is etched in black with the word 'DITMAR' although most of that etching is now gone.  The lantern was in excellent condition and did not appear to have been used very much at all.


The thumb wheel is embossed with 'MADE in AUSTRIA DITMAR. On the bottom of the fuel tank, it has a Military Stamp: HBA - 1959. say "HBA and a year. This means:  "Heeresbekleidungsanstalt" (Army clothing agency) and was the acceptance Mark. These lanterns have been in use in the Austrian Army since the early 50s and were produced for the army until Ditmar went out of business.


A very big Thank you to Juergen for adding this lantern to my collection and for all the information for this model.

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