The Albert Frank 'Caesar' Model is the crowning glory of all Albert Frank lanterns. This lantern has everything going for it with it the beautiful blue enamel fuel tank and the incredible embossing of the Münchner Kindl image on the brass lift pedal near the top of the lantern. * I found this lantern in Leiblfing, Germany.


The burner is a Thiel and Bardenheuer burner which would have been used at that time.


The condition of the lantern is exceptional especially in light of the fact that it is is 117 years old. The production of the Caesar was from 1904 (this model) to 1914 (see catalog image above). The pedal lift is present on the Albert Frank 'Aladin' model, yet the Caesar model from 1914 is shown with the finger lift.  It is very possible that this particular Caesar was a special order from a customer.  This model would have been very expensive for Albert Frank to produce and only one other model of the Caesar is known to have been see years ago.


"D r p angem. = Deutsches Reichs-Patent Angemeldet = that the patent had been sought but not yet granted.


‘D.R.P. Ang.’ marks were customarily used only for a short time, before being replaced with ‘D.R.P.'     *SOURCE MIROSLAV KERN


The restoration was surgical in that it was never submerged in any rust removal liquid. It was only lightly cleaned by hand so as not to destroy any of the patina. No pinholes are present. Inside the fuel tank was a 8" long old wick. The wick was cleaned and is now ready for use in the lantern.


With the help and kindness of Bro De, the appropriate embossed Münchner Kindl globe now resides in the Caesar. I also want to thank Hans-Werner Jehn for his continued support and help with finding information on these incredible treasures from Germany.


Of special interest to me is the year this lantern was produced (1904). At that time in German History, the main focus was the German Genocide that took place in now what is called Namibia. I have a dear friend who lives in Namibia and he has educated me about what happened. This lantern and my friend are a personal connection for me with this lantern. To read more about this event, CLICK HERE.


CIRCA: 1904


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