Feuerhand Nr. 262 - EXPORT TO THE U.S.A.



The Feuerhand model nr. 262 was initially introduced in 1931. 


This model of the  Feuerhand Nr. 262 was produced for domestic and export to various countries.  The more circular air inlets on the top of the chimney is the clue to when it was made.  It was produced for a very short time; 1933 - 34/35.  The model's with the more elongated air inlets are the first versions.


HEIGHT:  GIGANTIC!  It stands (without the bail) 14.75" tall.  With the bail up, it stands 19-3/8" Tall.


When this lantern arrived to me from Canada, it was in extremely bad shape.  Indeed, it was a challenge to restore.  The top of the chimney was bent and given that the metal is so fragile, I could only straighten it slightly.  I'm fortunate to have this model as they are very hard to find and rare.


The beautiful deep ruby red globe is not original to this lantern, but is the correct fit other than that the original Feuerhand Nr. 262 globe would have loc-nobs on the side of the globe.


CIRCA:  1933 - 34/35. (1938?)



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