I currently have the following replacement Kerosene glass globes for sale.  If you need specific measurements or help in deciding what lantern they fit into, please use the main contact form and I'll respond to your questions within 24 hours.  CLICK HERE to send a purchase inquiry.  Accepted payment method is Paypal.

Bat Nr. 158 Replacement Kerosene Glass Globe

Used Crystal Brand (Bat) Kerosene globe.  This fits the Bat Nr. 158 and Feuerhand Nr. 275/276.


$24.00 plus shipping


Feuerhand Embossed Nr. 260 - 280 Glass globe. Minor 'flea bites' on rim and bottom. No cracks. Has the number '5' embossed on it also.  $55.00 Plus shipping. SOLD

Feuerhand Nr. 275/276 Yellow Etched Globe. Minor signs of use. No cracks/chips.


$30.00 Plus Shipping.

New Old Stock Feuerhand Nr. 175/176 Replacement Kerosene glass Globe

New Old Stock - vintage Authentic Feuerhand Glass globe. Fits the Feuerhand Nr. 175 & 176.   SOLD

 $39.95 Plus shipping

Hard to find, although unmarked, this is a globe that fits the Feuerhand Nr. 275/276. The red color goes almost the way to the top of the globe. A few scratches from use, but overall excellent condition. $25.00 plus shipping.

Vintage Frowo Replacement Kerosene Glass Globe

Vintage FROWO Hot blast globe. Fits various vintage Frowo Lanterns.



$39.95 plus shipping

Helvetia Replacement Glass Globe Egloff & Cie with embossed lighthouse

 Egloff & Cie "Resistent' Globe with embossed 'lighthouse'. This fits the Swiss Helvetia Lantern.

 $59.99 plus shipping SOLD

SOLD - Feuerhand Etched Red Nr. 175/176 Globe. The etching is faint, but still present.  $65.00 plus shipping

Feuerhand Nr. 225 Medium glass Globe

SOLD - Feuerhand

Nr. 225 Medium Globe.


$44.95 plus shipping

Feuerhand Atom 75 Globe $65.00 plus shipping. SOLD