This lantern is, by all indicators, a very early Nier 'Ophir' kerosene lantern. With the assistance of Dan-Bjoern Landschoof, a very experienced collector in Germany and another knowledgeable colleague, the following details are noteworthy on the construction of this lantern:


  1.  Note the pipe going down through the fuel tank to the bottom.

  2.  Note the six (6) small holes on the top of the fuel tank.  *One of the holes was not punched

       all the way through.

  3.  The D.R. Patent number of 190129 is a patent registered by Hermann Nier in 1906.

  4.  The burner is a Thiel & Bardenheuer, Ruhla.

  5.  The ventilation air intake on the bottom of the tank is Fr.Weber & Co. DR Patent 56269

        used by several lamp manufacturers (E. Kloepfel & Sohn, Kaestner &Toebelmann).

        K&T purchased this Patent from Fritz Weber (1893-1905 ) (D.R. Patent 71076)

  6.  Stepped Omega top lantern handle with reversed eyelets.  Invented by Hermann Nier -DRGM 1908.

       This style of bail is also seen on export models to other countries.

  7.  The bail is identical to a Nier 1902 model.



The lantern arrived with a beautiful 'OPHIR' globe which was a HUGE plus.  You do not find this globe and is very rare.   On the down side,  the previous owners had ripped out the burner wick with the 'insert' attached.  I was finally able to remove and save the insert and then re-attach it.


The globe lift system is ingenious and works very well.  This is a Hermann Nier Patent (1906).  You squeeze the top two 'handles' and lift.


Notice the hook on the bail.  The way it is attached, it may have been put there during production or after the fact.  The hook will remain on the lantern.  What its purpose is, I do not know at this time.


Last note of interest, which can not be explained, is the stamped letter 'Z' on the bottom of the fuel tank.



CIRCA: 1912+









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    Herr Brökelmann (Tuesday, 16 January 2018 10:38)

    Love the lantern, love the globe, love the globe lift lever. Love, love, love.... Love is all you need....