If you find yourself on this page, it is because you are thirsty for more information on the lanterns you already own or would like to own. When I first began collecting German lanterns, I was satisfied for a short time just knowing who manufactured the lantern and the correct model number. That was short lived.


In my own researching, I came up against a ‘virtual wall’; meaning using ‘google’ as my main resource was either not relevant or in-depth. Many times, I could not even come up with a valid search result. Fortunately, I was blessed with making contact with an extraordinary group of experienced and knowledgeable collectors from Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland the USA.


The links below were made possible by their generosity and assistance, with a very special thank you to Jörg Wekenmann who assisted me in compiling the majority of this list. Most of the links are primary resources that are comprehensive and authoritative. The rest of the links will bring you to various personal lantern collectors’ websites. These links will be ‘eye candy’ for all of you lantern seekers. Certain links/websites are in German or Dutch.


In the event you do not read or speak German, you can utilize Google Web Page Translate:



Do you have a relevant website that you would like to submit? Please use the contact page with details.

I will be adding more resource information to this page as it becomes available.





http://www.frowo.info/ Hans-Werner’s comprehensive website regarding Fröhlich & Wolter






http://www.old-familiar.com/en_GB * Clemens web shop, which is well worth visiting if you are in the market for the vintage, the beautiful and the unusual items.




https://www.stormlamp.info/ An aspiring new website by Karel Zwart








Miles has the world's largest selection of wicks. He has Wicks for virtually every heater, stove and lamp made since 1850. Fantastic customer service and Miles is always there to help you with your questions.



Woody Kirkman's wonderful site.  Look no further for information on Dietz and other American Lanterns. 


















https://www.500hk.de/  This website, owned by Christian Leopoldt, will show you his wonderful collection of pressure operated Petromax lamps and other liquid fuel operated equipment.
The website also has wonderful information on the different manufacturers of pressure lamps.
Well worth your time to visit!





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    MEL - OWNER (Saturday, 28 October 2017 18:26)

    Hi, I actually haven't thought of doing a book just on restoration, but now you have me thinking. I will definitely put thought into that. I have access to a wealth of information on restoration with my colleagues and then of course, my own personal experience. If it were to help someone, it would all be worth it. Thank you for your kind words.

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    Guest (Saturday, 28 October 2017 18:14)

    Uhh just a thought here but have you considered writing a e-book on lantern restoration?
    I have been looking for a book but have yet to find one, I feel that you have some valuable information that would benefit not only myself who quite recently have become very interested in restoration work but others as well. Maybe something to think about.☺