Feuerhand Nr. 251 - COEUR - export for Belgium

FEUERHAND Nr. 251 - 'COEUR' Export to Belgium and possibly Holland


This is a very rare lantern and hard to come by, especially in this condition. The lantern originally was coated with a very heavy layer of black paint which was removed.  Due to the amount of pitting on the lantern, it was best to repaint it.


The small handle on the top is called a 'Blaker'.  On other lanterns, there is a metal ring to pull, but this is a small piece of wood attached to metal.  If you lift the 'Blaker' the globe rises up.   Another unusual feature is the double cage for the globe.  There are two wire 'arms' that click into the attachments on either side of the tubes.


The beautiful globe is in excellent condition with a large embossed heart and the word 'Coeur'.  The Feuerhand Nr. 251 was an export to Belgium (and possibly Holland).  In Belgium, they speak 3 languages

which are French, Flemish, and German depending on the area and that is why it is called 'coeur' (heart).


There are a few different versions of this model.


CIRCA: 1920's



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    Mel - Owner (Sunday, 27 December 2020 17:24)

    Hi John,

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    John b (Sunday, 27 December 2020 15:41)

    I have one, looks very similar in excellent condition. I will be selling on ebay in the near future. Yours looks great, the last time I saw one was on ebay, it was battered, rusty & missing the globe.

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    Brock (Friday, 23 June 2017 23:56)