Hasag nr. 811



Hugo Schneider Hasag Tropic Nr. 811


 This rare model of the Tropic 811 was produced during 1937-1939. Carried on the wagons for transport.Notice the Frowo fuel cap. Frowo was gone by 1937 when Hasag took Frowo over so this lantern has parts made by Frowo. The main focus of interest is the special valve on the left hand side of the fuel tank by the fuel cap.


The diamond Logo was officially used in 1933 on the 70th birthday of Hasag. In 1937 this logo was registered as a trademark logo by Hasag.


This lantern has special “lock” on the fount for preventing leaking of fuel during transport. How this works is that as you turn the valve a metal plate with a rubber gasket on top raises up to seal the burner insert.  The burner insert is then sealed from below.


Note in the photos, that the rubber gasket inside the locking mechanism had a hole punched in it. Most likely one of the previous owners did not know how this lock worked and could not figure out how to get the wick down inside the fount. This does not affect how the lantern works other than now I can not guarantee it is 100% leak proof.


Circa 1937-1939





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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 23 November 2022 18:18)

    Hello Marko,

    I do not know what the exact dimensions are of the this globe. I no longer own this lantern so I can't measure it for you.

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    marko (Wednesday, 23 November 2022 12:22)

    kennst du die maße globus Hasag 811 ?