One of the earlier lanterns by Albert Frank, this is the "Regent" by Ernst Nier was developed for Albert Frank in 1905. Ernst Nier, the brother of Hermann Nier, was employed until 1907 at the company Albert Frank in Beierfeld. There are three known models of the 'Regent'.

On the fuel fount, it is embossed "REGENT" D.R.G.M. 236514, which refers to the burner chamber.
The burner chamber has 6 incorporated holes which serve the purpose of an indirect air supply. The purpose of these holes is for increased luminosity output. 

The original glass would have been the embossed Münchner Kindl globe as shown above in the gallery.  The Albert Frank globe you see in the main photo is a rare Albert Frank Etched 'Kaiser Lanterne' globe which belongs in a 'Kaiser' lantern which I do not possess yet.

The fuel cap is missing and in it's place, until I find the correct one, is a cork with a 1903 German coin glued to the top of it.  The lantern was also missing the cage. The cage you see is from a Nier 'Schildkröte' Kerosene lantern.


HEIGHT: Without the bail: 16.5 inches tall.  With the bail: 20 inches tall.


The tank was very solid with only one small pinhole.  The burner is original and is a Thiel & Bardenheuer burner.  Overall, excellent condition and a real treasure to own.


CIRCA: 1905 - 1914




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