This lantern has a very rare Original Feuerhand Luftschutz "black out" Globe from WW2.


Made in Germany. You can only see the dark blue when it is held at a certain angle in the light. It was used for Anti Air Defense during WW2. When this lantern is fired up, the light that is emitted is very, very faint. The original Globe that came with this lantern is clear and embossed. I also have the Red globe that is embossed.


This FH 201 model has the fuel cap (filler cap) off center. The other version (as noted in the comment section below) has the fuel cap centered on the fount.  See last photo in the gallery (my other FH 201).

This FH 201 model has the clamps on the air tubes where it meets the fuel tank and this would make production of this model sometime before 1939.


Circa: 1930's

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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 15 November 2023 08:19)

    Hello Tony,

    There are replacement clear globes that will fit the FH201. Finding a colored globe is also possible if you hunt on German Ebay. Sometimes USA Ebay.

    Please use the main contact form if you want to chat more about it. This are is for general comments only,

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    Tony (Wednesday, 15 November 2023 07:00)

    I am in the process of restoring a 201 lantern and was gutted when I dropped my ( red) globe and broke it . Can anyone point me in the direction of a sensibly priced replacement please ? - sorry if it’s a daft question I am quite new to lantern restoration

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    Mel-Owner (Friday, 08 September 2023 16:58)

    Dear Bjørnstein,

    Please use the main contact form and then I can answer your question.

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    Bjørnstein (Friday, 08 September 2023 11:32)

    I found this old and rusted one, wich i like to get back to function. I don't want to destroy it. So i'll ask here how to open to put new candle wick. Seems to me ur only option is to pull all tray up? No possibility to screw?

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    Mel-Owner (Thursday, 04 October 2018 10:32)

    Hi Norma,

    There are subtle design differences with the various models of the FH 201. Here is a website that will show you some of those differences and the dates.

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    Norma (Thursday, 04 October 2018)

    Hi Melanie!

    Do you know if the location of the fuel cap determines how old it is, or is it just the clamps on the air tubes that determine pre-1939?


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    Mel-Owner (Friday, 21 September 2018 17:44)

    Hi Kathleen,

    It depends on exactly which model it is and what condition it might be in. If you use the main contact form so that I can get your email, I can respond to you. I would need to see photos.


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    Kathleen (Friday, 21 September 2018 13:29)

    I have one of the Feuerhand Nr. 201 lanterns. Can you tell me what it is worth?

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    Henk Kloosterman (Monday, 14 November 2016 02:24)

    Hey girl

    Is the filler cap placed in the centre or out of centre? I got both versions.

    Henky Punk