KAESTERN & TOEBELMANN - DR PATENT 3269 - 4 Glass paneled Lantern



This is my oldest K & T and the first 4 glass paneled lantern I've owned.   It is a very early and rare KAESTNER & TOEBELMANN, Erfurt.  Roughly 139 years old, she is still so gorgeous!


The brass wick driver is one clue to the year in which this lantern was produced.   All Brass wick knobs  having the words :"Kaestner &Toebelmann, Erfurt"  indicate the oldest lanterns.  The finger pull globe lift system on this lantern is made of brass.   Only the oldest K &T models have this brass system. This lantern dates somewhere between 1878 - 1890.


The badge on the fuel fount is deteriorated from age and difficult to make out.  With the help of Andrzej Matla, he was almost positive it states: 'DR Patent 3269'.


It has had multiple restorations preformed on it over all these years; some good repairs; some bad repairs.


The lantern is extremely fragile and I encountered the following issues with this lantern:


1. One of the original glass panels is cracked.  Given how old the glass is, it was best to carefully glue it in order to save it.  This was very minor.

2. The insert for the burner is no longer present.  One of the past repairs included soldering on a  piece of brass metal onto the base of the burner in order to act as the 'insert'.  Unfortunately, the burner itself was soldered into the burner cone.  It was not placed correctly so the burner & burner cone do not sit properly.  Close but not exact.

3. There was a significant amount of tin missing on the rim of the fuel tank. The material that was used (Bondo?) could not be safely removed as it would most likely damage more of the lantern.  I could only lightly sand it and then match the color on the lantern as best I could.


This lantern will most likely never burn again,  but she is a lovely old lady who deserves to be displayed and I treasure this lantern.


CIRCA: 1878 - 1890

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    Mel-Owner (Saturday, 04 February 2023 15:16)

    Hello Heiko,

    Please use the main contact form and then we can chat about your K&T.

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    Heiko Stuppe (Saturday, 04 February 2023 14:34)

    Guten Tag,
    ich restauriere gerade eine Kästner Töbelmann die wie ich vermute zwischen 1893 - 1896 hergestellt wurde. Leider hat jemand Löcher in die Lampe gebohrt um sie zu elektrifizieren. Eine Schande. Auf ihren Bildern sehe ich einen gelochten Ring zwischen Tank und dem Glaseinsatz. Könnten Sie mir eventuell die Maße mitteilen?
    Wie kann ich denn Fotos anhängen?
    Mit besten Grüßen Heiko

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    Mel-Owner (Wednesday, 09 May 2018 08:54)

    Dear David,

    Please use the main contact form and then I can take a look at what you have!

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    Dave Tyson (Wednesday, 09 May 2018 07:06)

    Dear Sir,
    I have recently acquired a WW1 relic lamp base. To my untrained eye it most closely matches one of your K & T models, but I have no knowledge in this area. Are you able to help please if I can get some photos to you? It is for a military museum and I would like to prepare a caption for it. Many thanks, Dave Tyson