Unabhängigen Schlußlichtes U.S. 235 - Original condition; not restored.

 Feuerland Unabhängege taillight for trucks No . 235US RT63

 'US' is an abbreviation for self taillight - prewar era

 CIRCA 1938

*The lantern now has an Etched Feuerhand Nr. 225 Medium red globe. This replaced the clear globe.*

Greg Mosholder was kind enough to translate the instruction sheet from German to English for the 235US Schlusslicht.


“It was required by the traffic regulations of the day(1938), that all trucks and trailers be equipped with an independent tail lamp assembly that would continue to burn if the electrical system of the vehicle failed.




This lamp was to be mounted on the left side of the truck and/or trailer. It was not equipped with a padlock which could be ordered or supplied separately which would enable the user to lock the housing so that theft of the lantern and/or to keep someone from fiddling with the wick adjuster(their version of a tamper proof wick riser). The instructions state how to install the lamp, how to fill the lantern properly, what fuel to use, how to light the lantern and properly adjust it after it's warmed up, keeping the cap tight, burner installation, caution against allowing the flame to smoke and carbon up the lamp etc. The specifications include burn time on a full tank(24 hours), cost to operate(2/3 of a penny(Pfennig)per hour, height and width dimensions in metric measurements and weight, the robust steel construction, the purpose of the hood in deflecting mud, water spray, rocks etc away from the lantern housing. Also a warning that the housing gets hot when the lamp is lit and to let it cool down before servicing the lantern. Lantern servicing is also detailed-cleaning the unit, wiping out spilled kersosene(Petroleum) and other normal maintenance tasks. "Unabhaegiges Schlusslicht" means Independent burning tail light. The "ae is the alternate spelling of the German "A" umlaut when one does not have a German keyboard. The Pictured ad states that "The rules are clear", We help you, Feuerhand".




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