This is my third 'Turtle' lantern by Feuerhand.  After stripping off the black spray paint and removing the rust, I am almost 100% positive this lantern has never been lit. The burner cone and burner are sparking and there were no signs, even inside the burner(wick driver) of any kerosene or discoloration.  Just like new.  Same with the underside of the chimney which always shows heat discoloration from use.


The quality of the tinning is outstanding.  The globe is a hand blown globe and has multiple 'turn' marks, plus the bubbles and inconsistencies in the shape of the globe.  This is a vintage replacement globe as the original globe would have had the embossed Turtle on it.


1911: Feuerhand records the Emblem 'Turtle in a circle' as one of its' trademarks.


CIRCA: 1913

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