FROWO Nr. 45 Kerosene Lantern

FRÖHLICH & WOLTER  - Frowo Nr. 45


This is the smallest of the Frowo cold blast lanterns.   The glass globe that came with this lantern was marked with the 'Indifferent' logo on one side and the Bat logo on the other side.  It was not the correct globe for this lantern.  Residing in the lantern now is an original etched Frowo Nr. 45 glass globe thanks to Hans-Werner.


The embossing of the pup on the fuel fount is still strong.  The flower logo is on the fuel cap.


Above are size comparisons to the Feuerhand Atom 75 and the large Frowo Nr. 420 lantern.  The Frowo Nr. 45 is slightly larger than the the FH Atom 75.


Even though this lantern is small in stature, when lit, it gave off a surprising amount of light and burned perfectly.  It was difficult to light, though, because when you lift the globe to expose the wick for lighting,  the globe and plate do not rise up much. 


CIRCA: 1937 - 1943



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    Henk Kloosterman (Friday, 01 December 2017 12:01)

    Hey girl

    I think the lifter rod is a little bent. I had the same on several lanterns. 2 pliers will help you solve this problem. place one plier on the inside of the lifter rest, place the other plier on the lifter rod, as close to the rest as posible, then bend the wire a little.
    Did you notice the tubes and outer chimney are made out of one piece of sheet metal, 2 pieces actualy, front and back.


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    Brock (Friday, 01 December 2017 10:57)

    Hooray for the Micro-Puppy ! ! !