FROWO Nr. 1020 - Round wick

FROWO Nr. 1020


This is my second Frowo Nr. 1020 Dead Flame lamp.  It is 8" tall including the globe.  The other model of 1020 is 7.5" tall.


There are a few noticeable differences between the models.  This one is taller and takes a round wick.  The 'silver' one above in the gallery is shorter by .50" and takes a flat wick.  There is a design difference on the bottom round support of the lamp.  The thumb driver is identical for both of them.


It originally had RAL 6006 Grey-Olive paint but most of it deteriorated during the rust removal.  This has been refinished again in RAL 6006.


CIRCA:  Unknown (possibly 1939 - post war)

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