FROWO Nr. 120



This is the elusive and hard to find Frowo Nr. 120 Lantern.  There is very little documented information on this lantern. With the information that was given to me by an expert on Frowo lanterns, this is what is known:


  • Production start approximately 1926-27.   The actual date of end of production is not known, but it does not appear in any catalogs after 1930 that we know of.
  • The lantern was produced in Bright Tin and painted Copper - Gold Bronze.
  • During this time period, globes were produced with and without the Pup embossing. It is therefore is very possible that the Globe you see pictured with the 'FROWO' embossing is the original globe to the lantern.
  • The image of the drawing of a Frowo Nr. 120 lantern is from an old catalog. Thank you Hans-Werner!

This lantern would have had a globe guard (cage) and that part is missing.  The rust you see was fairly easy to remove with Metal Rescue.  The rest was a lot of love and polish.


What a journey this lantern has had!  It was made in Germany in the late 1920's; found its way somehow to Australia. Then, with the amazing assistance of Matthew Magliton, who was in possession of this lantern, he graciously sent it on its way across the ocean to Portland, Oregon.   A HUGE thank you to Matthew for letting me showcase this incredible treasure on my website!


CIRCA: 1927 (?) - 1929(?)

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    Mel - Owner (Thursday, 13 January 2022 10:05)

    Dear Jim,

    As you can read above, you'll see when the Frowo 120 was made.

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    Torsten (Friday, 08 March 2019 13:53)

    (Google translation)
    Have you ever had the lantern running (lit)?
    How is the flame? Do you have a picture of the flame?
    Thanks Torsten
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