This particular model lantern, made by Fröhlich & Wolter,  has no model number.  It is very early production; definitely before 1930 and possibly before 1925.


The globe is a Dackel globe. There are two dachshundes embossed on the globe.  Underneath are the words 'Dackel' and 'Made in Germany'.  On the back of the globe it is embossed 'TALAY'.  This globe is pear shaped and the other Dackel Globe is the more standard shape.  That particular Dackel globe resides in a Frowo Nr. 105 currently.


The origin of the word 'TALAY' comes from a company named Telge & Schroeter.  Telge & Schroeter  is the name of a former German based trading company involved in the construction and export of materials which built the parliament in Peking in 1914. They also constructed a famous bridge above the Yellow River at Lanzhou (1907 - 1909). All of the construction material for this bridge came from Germany. 


*As of 2/2020 I have three different versions of the Talay Dackel Globe. See last 2 photos in the gallery above.


The Chinese name of Telge & Schroeter was Tailai Yanghang.  Tailai Yanghang translated to German is

Talay.  'Dackel' = 'Dachshund'


In the photo gallery above, the image of the the Dackel lantern hanging in front of a Chinese Restaurant, is in a Museum in New York City. It was long theorized that the Chinese used these lanterns as advertisement for what you could order on the menu.  Unfortunately, still to this day, Dogs are eaten in China.


The overall condition of the lantern is a 9 out of a 10. Excellent condition.


Circa: 1920's - 1930


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