World War 2 - FROWO 660 GAS MASK  - FE41

FROWO Nr. 660


This Frowo is an all original, including the WW2 RAL-6006 paint, Frowo Nr. 660.  It was made from parts of a  German Gas mask.  This particular canister is marked FE-41.  To give you a better understanding of this lantern, view the gas mask photos in the photo gallery above.


The globe was so dirty that it appeared to be a dark red.  As it turns out, this very early and rare Frowo Nr. 660 was untouched and covered in years of dust and dirt.  The lantern has been carefully cleaned and polished.  All intact and works perfectly.




HEIGHT: 9-3/4" (Not including the bail).  In the photo gallery, I have a picture showing two of my Frowos which have been made from Gas masks.  I'm always amazed at this ultimate 're purposing' that was done by Fröhlich and Wolter.


CIRCA: 1945

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