Fledermaus 2850 - Stübgen & Co.

FR. Stübgen & Co. - Fledermaus 2850


The company Stübgen & Co. was based in Erfurt and produced with the trademark
of the bat and later with the brand name "BAT".  On the fuel tank it is marked:  'Made in Thuringia' and 'DR Patent'.

The Top of lid is marked with 2850. The glass is a deep cobalt blue and is embossed with the 'Fledermaus' on the front and marked 'MADE IN GERMANY' AND 'BAT BRAND' on the back.  It is in exceptional condition
In addition to the holes in the upper part of lantern, which serve as clean out openings,
the red-marked burner screen and the red-marked fuel filler cap (red line paint) are
identification marks for bat lanterns.  There is very little remaining original red paint on these parts of
this lantern.


CIRCA: 1930's





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