D.R. PATENT with large Bat globe & patent numbers embossed on chimney tube. 1907-1910


with embossed patent numbers on chimney tube.


This lantern arrived to me with two other Fledermaus lanterns.  The three lanterns had some of the parts mixed up (wrong globe/wrong cage).  Even though it was very rusted, it restored nicely yet it does have the expected pitting present. The tank is solid with no leaks and the burner is 100% operable.


Unfortunately, it is missing the original fuel cap.


What is unique with this lantern is that it has 5 lines of D. R. Patent numbers on it. I've not seen this before and to the best of my knowledge, this is not commonly seen on Bat lanterns.  The numbers were difficult to read, but with the wonderful help of D.B. Landschoof, he was able to provide me with every single copy of the correct Patent numbers that correspond to the embossed numbers on the chimney tube.  Those copies are above in the photo gallery. He also helped me match up the appropriate parts to this lantern.


To see the second lantern in the group, CLICK HERE.

To see the third lantern in the group, CLICK HERE.


All three are shown in the photo gallery above. Notice the size difference with the embossed Bat

on the fuel tank.


CIRCA: 1907-1910

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    Mel-Owner (Saturday, 16 September 2023 11:48)

    Hello Gil,

    I might have the burner. Please use the main contact form so we can chat.

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    Gil Payson (Saturday, 16 September 2023 10:58)

    I have one of these, though it is missing its burner!