This is a double embossed globe that would be for the 'STUBS' model lantern by Fr. Stübgen Lantern.  A single embossed Sphinx globe is very rare and this globe, which is double embossed was a true rare find.


The dating of this glass globe is between 1910 - 1918. 


Besides the embossing of the Sphinx and the man holding the lantern up to the Sphinx, it is embossed on one side near the top rim D.R.G.M.  The acronym D.R.G.M. with or without punctuation stands for Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster, meaning that the design or function of an item was officially registered inside all of the Germany states and not only locally registered as it was the case before the introduction of centralized registration.  On the opposite side of the globe, it is embossed D.R.P.


This globe most likely was for export to countries like Russia and Scandinavia and other countries.  It is not known if this globe was specifically for export for just one country.


The 'STUBS' lantern was a more affordable version compared to the Bat 2850.  The air tubes of the Bat 2850 and Stubs lantern are identical. So is the burner.  With the STUBS lantern, the fuel tank was made in tinplate and did not come with the protective ring.  *Source: Achim Stübgen


I do not currently own the STUBS lantern and am still searching for it.


CIRCA:  1910-1918

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