This is the second version of the Nachtschwalbe Lantern by Georg Müller.  On the fount, it is stamped with  D.R.G.M. in a circle.  Deutsches Reichs-Gebrauchsmuster = Utility model of the German Reich.  There is also a symbol that resembles the 'division' symbol, but I do not know it may represent.  The top of the tube cap is also stamped D.R.G.M.  The cap is held in place by a cotter pin.


The globe is original and one of a kind.  The nightswallow is embossed on the globe and underneath is 'NACHTƧCHWALBE'.  The 'S' was carved into the oak mold backwards and then the globe was produced.  It is quite amazing that this error was not discovered and the globe destroyed.  The Germans would have not seldom tolerated this type of a mistake.


Given that this lantern is over 109 years old, it is in amazing condition.  The rust was a challenge and some parts of the lantern were extremely fragile.  The burner was severely 'frozen' in the lantern and took over 3 days in Kroil to finally free it.


CIRCA: 1908

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